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The Relationship between Brand Love and Brand Attitude

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Year: 2018
COI code: ICMBTU02_028
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Authors The Relationship between Brand Love and Brand Attitude

Zehra Bozbay - Zehra Bozbay, Istanbul University,Istanbul, Turkey
Azhdar Karami - Azhdar Karami, Bangor University, UK
Vahideh Arghashi - Vahideh Arghashi, Istanbul University,Istanbul, Turkey


Brand love is a comparatively new concept in marketing literature that leads to deepemotional association between consumers and brands. So, if the user does not have access to thebrand, he will not replace own popular brand with other brands. Brand love can create uniquecompetitive advantages for brands and increase customer loyalty. In challenging competitiveenvironments, brand love is a vital element for companies that can help to them for keeping theirorganizations alive. The purpose of this paper is to find out the impact of brand love on brandattitudes and affect it on customer loyalty and word of mouth among users of popular socialnetworks in Turkey. In this study, also the effect of brand identification, brand image and brandsatisfaction on brand love was investigated. It is assumed that brand love impact on brand attitudeand it will make brand loyalty and lead to word-of-mouth communication, Brand attitude wereconsidered as an interposed variable and the impact of brand attitude on brand loyalty and wordof-mouth communication were aimed to be investigated. It provides a new perspective on theimpact of brand love on brand attitudes, customer loyalty and positive word of mouth in socialmedia‘s brands. In this paper, structural equation modeling method has been employed for dataanalysis. Data is collected using the face-to-face interview method. The survey data was collectedthrough a sample of 461 students studying at universities in Istanbul, Turkey. The results of thestudy showed that brand love have a significant effect on brand attitude. This effected is importantfor researchers because it expresses that making loving emotional about your brand can beeffective way to earn positive brand attitude about your brand . Brand attitude also had effect onbrand loyalty and word of mouth that most companies are trying to get them.


Brand Identification; Brand Image; Brand Satisfaction; Brand Love; Brand Attitude; Brand Loyalty; Word-of-Mouth

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COI code: ICMBTU02_028

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