The importance of organizational entrepreneurship in the development of Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in rural areas

Publish Year: 1401
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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 7 تیر 1401


Given the importance of small and medium enterprises and their unique role in economic development, many developed and developing countries have made the creation and support of these enterprises one of their top priorities. These firms operate as a small organization and are governed by organizational relationships, given the complexities of the new era, the need to pay attention to entrepreneurship in these organizations for their sustainability is evident. For the emergence of entrepreneurial activities, the existence of appropriate backgrounds and competencies is essential. There is no doubt that managers play a key role in the success of organizations and lead the organization; therefore, having entrepreneurial characteristics in them is one of the factors to ensure the success of the organization. The manager of an organization is the leader and promoter and if the personality traits of managers are entrepreneurial traits, they can make the organization an entrepreneur, on the other hand, the employees of an organization are the driving force of an organization. To be an entrepreneur, an organization must have people and employees who are fully acquainted with entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial characteristics are rooted in their personality. In general, if the employees of an organization have an entrepreneurial spirit, the process of entrepreneurship growth and development in an organization is accelerated and the organization will achieve significant success. The present research has been written by review method and using library resources. The purpose of this study is to examine businesses as a small organization and the importance of the role of organizational entrepreneurship in advancing their goals in rural areas.


Bahman Khosravipour

Professor, Department of Agricultural Extension and Education, Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University of Khuzestan

Seyedeh BaharHomayoon

Ph.D. Student of Sustainable Agriculture Education and Environment, Department of Agricultural Extension and Education, Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University of Khuzestan