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2nd International Conference on: New Technologies in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries

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Conference Subjects: Chemistry
Conference Venue: Tehran

Main Topics:

  • Smart water in the fractured limestone oil reservoirs - EOR
  • Optimal well placement in the thin and compartmentalized oil layers
  • Joint optimization of oil well placement and control
  • Viscosity reduction of the heavy oil 
  • Innovations in maximizing areal sweep efficiency in oil reservoirs
  • Advances in regional geology (Sedimentology, sequence/seismic stratigraphy and structural modelling)
  • Advances in monitoring and testing technologies 
  • Geosciences, innovations and developments in data processing and interpretations
  • Recovery of drop downs from condensate banking in the gas - condensate reservoirs  
  • Gas wetting the reservoir rocks in the gas- condensate reservoirs
  • Advances in the economy of LNG production and transportation
  • Innovations in the sour gas two phase flow management
  • Innovations in the design, material selection and optimum pressure profile to maximize the economy and safety of the new main gas transmission systems
  • Inline C2 plus extraction units on the main gas trunk lines
  • Innovations in gas distribution networks using smart robots improving network safety and profitability
  • Improve gas distribution networks with innovative pipeline monitoring and repair
  • Innovations in methane emission cuts in oil and gas sector
  • Methane conversion to olefins, aromatics and other organic chemicals
  • Methanol to light olefins
  • Bioplastics, plastic composites/ nanocomposites, plastic electronics, smart and reactive polymer and the self-healing polymers
  • Innovations in coating materials
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