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Continued increase in global production and consumption of polymeric and petrochemical materials in the last two decades has resulted in vast and widespread academic and industrial research activities, particularly in the field of polyolefins. To cover these advances in research and technology, in a comprehensive and systematic fashion, Iran Polymer and Petrochemical institute, IPPI, has started to launch “Polyolefins Journal”, a new international, peer reviewed and multidisciplinary publication on open access biannual basis in English.

The “Polyolefins Journal” accepts original research and review articles as well as reports on major technological breakthroughs in all areas of polyolefins for publication, including: 

  • Vinyl polymers: Synthesis, characterization, processing and applications
  • Olefins synthesis, characterization and applications
  • Polymerization methods of olefins
  • Catalysts for polyolefin production
  • Kinetics and mechanism of polymerization
  • Characterization and processing
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Structure-property relationship
  • Polyolefins degradation
  • Other related subjects   


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Polyolefins Journal

Journal Subjects: Polymer Science and Technology
Journal Languages: English
Publisher: پژوهشگاه پلیمر و پتروشیمی ایران
Journal Lever: علمی-پژوهشی
Release order: دوفصلی
ISBN: 2322-2212
eISBN: 2345-6868
Founded Year: 2013
Published in:: Tehran-Iran

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Type: Research Center
Total Papers: 4330
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Secretariat Address: Polymerization Engineering Department Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute -Tehran I.R. IRAN
Postal Code: 1497713115
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صاحب امتیاز
Mrs. Khadijeh Rezaei Keikhaei
دانشگاه آزاد تبریز
صاحب امتیاز
Mrs. Raheleh Naserian

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