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3rd National Conference of IEA

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Conference Subjects: Energy (General) ، Renewable Energy and Alternative Technologies ، Energy Conservation and Environment
Conference Venue: Tehran

Subjects of the conference:

1- Oil and gas.

2- Economy of energy.

3- New technologies.

4- Energy and natural environment.

5- Renewable energies and sustainable energies.

6- Optimizing in energy saving.

7- Policy and planning in energy.

 Goals of the conference:
Make a proper ground for interchanging ideas between researchers,masters,politician,managers,and experienced experts in the field of energy.
Introducing last achievements in the field of energy.
Enhance awareness of people for optimized use of energy.
Necessity of sustainable development and preserve Natural environment.
Detect the obstacles in the field of energy in Iran and find the proper solutions for them.
Encourage the private sector to investment in energy.


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Holding date:
Tue 28 Feb 2017
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