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The Journal of New Studies in Sport Management (JNSSM) is an open access peer reviewed research journal that is published in English jointly by Iranian Scientific Association of Sport Management & Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman. The Journal of New Studies in Sport Management (JNSSM) provides a platform for the researchers, academicians, professional, practitioners and students associated with the sport management and related fields to share knowledge in the form of high quality empirical and theoretical research papers, case studies, literature reviews and book reviews.

The journal is published in online version and does not charge any fee for reviewing, processing, and publishing research papers. Topics to be discussed in this journal include (but are not limited to) the following: Sport marketing, Sport media, Sport sociology, Sport psychology, Sport law, Sport facilities management, Strategic management in sport, Sport entrepreneurship, Sport tourism, Management of sport event, …

Journal of New Studies in Sport Management (JNSSM) encourages its editors, authors of the submitted manuscripts, and the invited reviewers to adhere to the guidelines and standards developed by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

تاریخ ثبت ژورنال: 5 October 2020 - تعداد نمایش اطلاعات ژورنال: 185

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Journal of New Studies in Sport Management
موضوعات تحت پوشش: ورزش و تربیت بدنی، مدیریت (عمومی)
زبان ژورنال: English
Publisher: دانشگاه شهید باهنر کرمان
Level: ISI
ترتیب انتشار: فصلی
سال شروع انتشار: 1399

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type: state university
تعداد مقالات: 15093
در بخش رتبه بندی دانشگاه های ایران می توانید رتبه بندی علمی مراکز دانشگاهی و پژوهشی کشور را بر اساس آمار مقالات نمایه شده مشاهده نمایید.

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