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4th Biennial Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Conference|OGPC|



4th Biennial Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Conference|OGPC| روز چهارشنبه، 30 آذر، 1401 لغایت پنجشنبه، 1 دی، 1401 توسط دانشگاه خلیج فارس و تحت حمایت سیویلیکا در شهر Bushehr برگزار می شود.با توجه به اینکه این همایش به صورت رسمی برگزار می گردد، کلیه مقالات این کنفرانس در پایگاه سیویلیکا و نیز کنسرسیوم محتوای ملی نمایه خواهد شد و شما می توانید با اطمینان کامل، مقالات خود را در این همایش ارائه نموده و از امتیازات علمی ارائه مقاله کنفرانس با دریافت گواهی کنفرانس استفاده نمایید.

Subjects Covered: Petroleum and Fuel Technology
Holders: دانشگاه خلیج فارس و تحت حمایت سیویلیکا
City: Bushehr

»Upstream Technology«

A. Petroleum Exploration Engineering
B. Petroleum Geology
C. Remote Sensing
D. Drilling Engineering
E. Reservoir Engineering
F. Production Engineering
G. Enhanced Oil Recovery
H. Mitigating Water Shut-off in Oil Reservoirs
I. Field Development Planning
J. Data Science and Machine Learning
K. Carbon Capture and Sequestration
L. Imaging Technologies
M. Tracer Technologies
N. Underground Gas Storage
O. Gas condensate Reservoirs
P. Reservoir Geomechanics

» Downstream Technology «

A. Chemical Engineering and Transport Phenomena
B. Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering
C. Petrochemical Engineering
D. Separation Processes
E. Process Modeling, Simulation, Optimization and Control
F. Computational Fluid Dynamics
G. Polymer Physics and Processing
H. Polymerization Technologies
I. Petroleum Refining
J. Reaction Engineering and Catalysis
K. Desalination and Water Treatment
L. Membrane Technology
M. Process Safety and Risk Management
N. Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Engineering


A. Energy/Exergy Analysis
B. Energy Optimization Analysis
C. Production, Transportation and Storage
D. Renewable Energy Resources
E. Energy Conversion and Management
F. Energy Economics and Marketing

» Environment«

A. Impacts of Industries on the Environment
B. Carbon Reduction and Utilization
C. Waste Management
D. Life Cycle Assessment
E. Environmental Conservation and Preservation
F. Sustainability
G. Health, Safety and Environment
H. Corporate Social Responsibility

» Other Features«

A. Entrepreneurship
B. Management
C. Human Resource
D. Marketing
E. Finance
F. Operations Research
G. Logistics and Supply Chain in Oil and Gas organizations

A. Impacts of Industries on the Environment
B. Carbon Reduction and Utilization
C. Waste Management
D. Life Cycle Assessment
E. Environmental Conservation and Preservation
F. Sustainability
G. Health, Safety and Environment
H. Corporate Social Responsibility
۵) Other Features
A. Entrepreneurship
B. Management
C. Human Resource
D. Marketing
E. Finance
F. Operations Research
G. Logistics and Supply Chain in Oil and Gas organi

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در حال پذیرش مقاله

126 روز مانده تا شروع


Date of holding:
21 December 2022 - 22 December 2022
Deadline for submitting original articles:
23 September 2022
Date of announcing the arbitration of articles:
23 October 2022


Organizational Structure

Conference Chairman
Mohammad Modaresi
Scientific Secretary
Ahmad Azari
executive Secretary
Seyedeh Azadeh Mirvakili