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The Third National Conference on the New Research and Studies in the Field of Education and Psychology Iran

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Conference Subjects: Psychology ، Developmental and Educational Psychology
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The Conference Topics

A. Innovation and Research in Educational Sciences
1- Curriculum Planning and Academic Progress
2- Education of religious and Islamic ethic.
3- Educational management and Planning
4- Technology and Educational Researches
5- Modern teaching methods
6- e-learning
7- Education and Training
8- Other topics related to Educational Sciences
B- Innovation and research in Management Science
1- Strategic Management
2- Entrepreneurial Management
3- Educational Management
4- Business Management
5- Executive Management
6- Urban Management
7- Governmental Management
8- Other topics related to Management Sciences
C- Innovation and research in Psychological Science
1- Evaluating and measuring
2- Personality Psychology
3- Cultural Psychology
4- Islamic Psychology
5- Public Psychology
6- Health Psychology
7- Educational Psychology
 8- Other topics related to Psychology

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Fri 12 May 2017
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