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International Conference on Contemporary Iran in Civil Engineering , Architecture and Urban Development



International Conference on Contemporary Iran in Civil Engineering , Architecture and Urban Development روز چهارشنبه، 25 مرداد، 1396 توسط دانشگاه اسوه - تهران - دانشگاه شهيد بهشتي و تحت حمایت سیویلیکا در شهر Tehran برگزار گردید.

Subjects Covered: Architecture ، General Engineering
Holders: دانشگاه اسوه - تهران - دانشگاه شهيد بهشتي و تحت حمایت سیویلیکا
City: Tehran

Conference Topics

  • 1.Civil Engineering- Construction and performance management- Concrete Technology- Numerical methods in Civil Engineering- Roads and Transport- Geotechnical and Mining- Hydraulic, Water Resources- environment- Tunnel engineering urban areas- Surveying, Geodesy and GPS- Recent advances in technology and industrialization, building materials and building materials- Ethics, challenges and values in Civil Engineering- Safety, crisis management and passive defense in civil- Computers and artificial intelligence in Civil Engineering- Application of Civil Engineering Geology and Geophysics at the dam- GIS systems with emphasis on applications in civil engineering- Engineering deterioration in the construction industry- Principles destruction engineering, management and monitoring of destruction
  • 2.Earthquake Engineering- Underground Structures- Value Engineering- Water resources engineering, hydraulic and marine structures- Coordination structures and architectural form- Urban development and utilization of indigenous materials and new structures- Structural Dynamics and Seismic Retrofitting- Non-building structures and industrial- Troubleshooting Seismic Retrofitting structures and practices structures- Analysis and innovation in the design of concrete and steel- Application of new technologies (seismic isolators, dampers, etc.) in the seismic rehabilitation of structures- Retrofit and rehabilitation of urban structures- Improvement of vital arterial system, buildings and bridges- Structural safety in underground mining- Retrofitting structures against fire and expressing architectural approach- The effect of the earthquake on Space Structures, Structural materials and special structures- The effect of the earthquake on Space Structures, Structural materials and special structures
  • 3.Architecture and Sustainable Development- Architecture and Sustainable Development- Architecture and urban identity- Architectures role in achieving sustainable construction- Aspects of traditional Islamic architecture and urbanism in the region- Renewable Energy in Architecture- Style of Architecture- New methods and technologies in architecture- Urban and architectural graphics street- Effects of Climate on vernacular architecture and sustainable- Vernacular architecture patterns- The effect of the canvas materials on sustainable architecture- Concept of contemporary architecture and urbanism- The impact of technological developments in architecture- Sustainable architecture and intelligent buildings- Architecture, climate change and energy usage- Energy planning in architectural designs with a view to sustainable architecture- Landscape architecture, ecology and aesthetics in architecture- Contemporary architecture in Iran and the world
  • 4.Transportation engineering and urban infrastructure- Vital arteries and urban transport- Transport and sustainable development- Technical buildings and municipal facilities- Furnish (road, rail, airport and port)- Intelligent Transportation Systems- Transportation and urban planning- Water and sanitation, and urban infrastructure- Geometric design of roads- Transportation systems and sustainable transport in the metropolis- Traffic Engineering and Transport Planning- Transportation safety, traffic and risk- Management of transportation systems- Education and culture Traffic- Public transport, economy, transportation- Terms and integrated traffic management- Non-motorized transport
  • 5.Urban Economy and Management- Urban Economics- Economy and Sustainable Development- Management Economics and Urban Development- Urban Economics and the Environment- Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development- Sustainable urban development- Knowledge Based Economy and Sustainable Urban Development- Resistance economy and urban management measures
  • 6.Management and urban planning- Regional and urban planning- Urban physical planning- Civil rights- Urban Management- Urban Design- Urban project management- Application of advanced technologies in urban development- Participation in municipal affairs- Crisis Management- City views- Urban tourism- Upgrading and urban renewal- The impact of new technologies to build in urban areas
  • 7.Urban Planning and Sustainable Urban Development- Patterns and indicators of sustainable urban development- Distressed areas and informal settlements (challenges and solutions)- Natural disasters and their effects on sustainable development of cities- New Urbanism and sustainable development- Experiences in sustainable urban development in the world and Iran- National and regional policies and sustainable urban development- Geography and sustainable development in urban and rural- City instability and risk factors- Identify obstacles and constraints and indexes of sustainable urban development- Application of advanced technologies in urban development- Good governance and public participation in sustainable urban development- Development of tourism in sustainable urban development- New cities and sustainable urban development
  • 8.Architecture and Graphic- Graphics architecture, city and visual- Aesthetics in architecture- Environmental Graphic City- Environmental graphics and architecture of the city street- Beautification and urban identity- New methods and technologies in the fine art of the city- Wisdom of Islamic Art- Contemporary Islamic architecture- Urban Graphics- City views- Visual graphics- Islamic art- contemporary art- Ancient art- Mythological art- Archetyped in art- Philosophy of Art- Art in Islamic civilization- Human nature design- Comparative studies of Art- Sociology of Art- Art economy- Arts of the Islamic World- Advertising environmental, cultural and social identity and communication- Landscapes Islamic cities and towns in Iran- Symbols, signs, visual arts and urban landscape
  • 9.Environmental engineering and urban environment- Green spaces and urban environment- Cities and Environmental Management System- Urbanization and its environmental impacts- Environmental issues metropolises- Environmental impact and urban development projects in cities- Engineering principles and control environmental pollution in cities- Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Engineering in the cities- Urban transport, environmental impacts and solutions- Application of modern technologies in monitoring and removal of environmental pollutants- Urban ecology, the city green and clean development mechanisms- Waste management in cities- Municipal wastewater and its treatment- Industrial development and strategies for mitigation of their effects- Effects and methods of analysis of the environmental impact of projects in cities- Consistent with the environmental, ecological and harmonious development- Safety, Health & Environment Urban- Urban design, landscape and environmental improvements
  • 10.Sustainable urban landscape and Development- Sustainability and urban landscape- Definitions, concepts and theoretical foundations of urban landscape- Planning and management of urban landscapes- Domestic and foreign experiences in the field of urban landscape- Elements of urban landscape- Pathology urban landscape- Landscapes Islamic cities and towns in Iran- Traditional and new landscapes cities and towns- Urban landscape, social issues and collective memory- Symbols, signs, visual arts and urban landscape- Urban landscape of old and historical context- Urban landscape of new tissue- Rules and guidelines governing landscapes and urban views
  • 11.Psychology and urban sociology- Citizen and citizenship- Urban culture and engagement in urban space- And indigenous cultures City- environmental psychology- Urban cultural and physical interaction- Culture and urban development- Social sustainability - Culture in the city- Culture and urban transport- Culture and geography of the city- Management and urban culture- Crystallization of culture in urban landscape- نقش نهادينگي فرهنگي در شهرسازي- Culture, identity and urban landscape
  • 12.Nanotechnology and Sustainability- Nano-catalysts- Nano-fluids- Nano-fibers- Nanotechnology and the Environment- Nano Technology and Structural Engineering- Nano technology in the field of energy- Nano technology in the field of Housing and Urban Development- Nano technology in the oil and gas industry
  • 13.Tissue repair works of historical- Historical context- Improvement monuments- Urban Renewal- Reconstruction of historical context
  • 14.Mechanical Engineering and Installations- Green Plants for Green Buildings- Intelligent management of building installations- Production systems, power transmission and distribution- Management and energy optimization in buildings- The use of micro and nano technologies at the facility- CHP-CCHP energy recovery in building installations- Construction of a new heating and cooling systems- The use of advanced materials in the building installations- National standardization and regulation of building new facilities- The use of solar energy, wind, geothermal and modern facilities
  • 15.Crisis Management- The role of the media, education and culture- The role of communications systems, information and communication- The role of corporate crisis management units in urban disaster risk management- Preparation role in reducing the vulnerability of urban crises- Vulnerability assessment, and risk Lifeline damage in natural disasters- Integrated urban management model in crisis- Urban design, urban planning, engineering, terminals, subway and damaged- ICYS and NIMS role in risk management analysis systems for natural disasters- Legal regulation of municipal crisis management- Industrial crisis management, requirements and prerequisites- Refineries, oil pipelines, gas and petrochemical industries- Bridges, tunnels, roads, railways, airports and docks- Housing and reconstruction of damaged areas- Climate Change and Risk Management Challenges
  • 16.New findings in landscape architecture- New approaches in landscape architecture in Iran- Global and local approaches in landscape architecture education- Techniques and approaches to landscape architecture education- Learning experiences of landscape architecture- Design training workshops; courses- Arts Culture and Islamic-Iranian architecture education
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Date of holding:
16 August 2017
Deadline for submitting original articles:
22 July 2017
Date of announcing the arbitration of articles:
27 July 2017
Conference registration deadline:
1 August 2017


دانشگاه اسوه - تهران - دانشگاه شهيد بهشتي